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My 2021 A to Z Reading Challenge!

As I think about my reading in 2021, I’ve set a few goals.

One is a goal for number of books via Goodreads, where I’m aiming for 60 total books read. I’ve mostly hit that number for some years… except in 2020 when all bets were off!

Another is to read all or most of the books I’ve accrued on my Net Galley account! Doesn’t mean I won’t add more, but maybe I can catch up with some of my backlist! (I’ve actually kept my percentage pretty high, which is something.)

Finally, I chose a hosted reading challenge. I considered several, but wanted to keep it really simple and flexible this year. So, I will be participating in:

The A to Z Challenge, hosted by Megan & Crystal over at Bookstacks and Golden Moms!

2021 AtoZ Reading Challenge

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Book Notes: Family for Beginners by Sarah Morgan

Hello to my bookish friends! How’s your 2021 reading going so far? I’m starting off slow, but so far, better than 2020. I just finished my third book of the year. 



Family for Beginners by Sarah Morgan is a novel about the joys and trials of family. Here’s the publisher’s description:

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My Word of the Year

We made it, friends! 2020 is behind us and we’ve kicked off a brand new year. I think everyone is hopeful that 2021 will bring the health and happiness we all very much need.

A popular New Year’s trend is to choose a word of the year. The thought is that it becomes a mantra, or a theme around which you can base your annual plans. I did this last year with the word INTENTIONAL. It was a great word, but obviously last year threw all our plans out the window.

I’d still like to be more intentional in the coming year, but I decided to choose a new word for 2021…

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Try a 2021 Reading Challenge!

I don’t know about you, but my reading was pretty topsy turvy in 2020. I mean, the world’s been topsy turvy, so why wouldn’t it have been? Usually I read around 60 books per year… this year, about half that many. Several books that sounded great just couldn’t hold my attention. And several times, I signed up for a read along or buddy read, and I don’t think I managed to complete a single one.

So, looking ahead to 2021, I’d love to turn over a new leaf. I want to branch out a little, interact with the book community more than I have recently, and stay up too late reading because I’m immersed in books that are just too good to put down.

I have a lot of books on my list, but it’s often helpful to have some prompts to induce some exploration of different genres, new authors, etc.  Enter: the reading challenge!

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Gift Guide: Digital Options

As I write this, it’s one week until Christmas Eve! December has flown by just like the rest of 2020. And with shipping delays and overload this year, you’re pretty much out of time to order online and expect things to show up by Christmas.

So if you still have gifts to buy, what are your options? Well, you could put on your mask and your coat and go stand in line in the stores… but there’s a better way.

Instead, you can sit on your sofa, drinking hot chocolate or coffee, and snag these ideas to be delivered digitally… no muss, no fuss! Read on for some quick, last minute gifts that are sure to light up anyone’s holiday!

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