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Friday Favorites

Hello, friends! Here we are at the end of another week, and I decided it was time to resurrect a fun tradition: the Friday Favorites post!

Friday Favorites are a short list of things I’m enjoying, finds I want to share, or links I’m loving. It might be bookish content, or perhaps completely unrelated. I’m sure I won’t post every Friday, but I’m going to try to hit quite a few, particularly as we approach the holiday season!

So, without further ado… this week’s Friday Favorites from The Biblio Blonde!

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The Joy of Old Favorites

Hi friends! Yes, it’s been a while again… it’s been a busy season here with the highlight being my son’s high school graduation!

How’s your summer reading going? I still haven’t regained my pre-pandemic reading volume, but I’m picking up speed a bit. There are a lot of great books being released over the summer but I’m trying to get through some of my existing TBR stack before I buy any more. Well, before I buy *too* many more, anyway!

A reading habit that always brings me joy is to re-read an old favorite. There are just certain books that stick with you… maybe a beloved childhood book? Or the first book you read by a favorite author? Perhaps a series featuring some memorable characters?

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