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The Joy of Old Favorites

Hi friends! Yes, it’s been a while again… it’s been a busy season here with the highlight being my son’s high school graduation!

How’s your summer reading going? I still haven’t regained my pre-pandemic reading volume, but I’m picking up speed a bit. There are a lot of great books being released over the summer but I’m trying to get through some of my existing TBR stack before I buy any more. Well, before I buy *too* many more, anyway!

A reading habit that always brings me joy is to re-read an old favorite. There are just certain books that stick with you… maybe a beloved childhood book? Or the first book you read by a favorite author? Perhaps a series featuring some memorable characters?

I have a few of these that I’ve revisited over the years, and one author that always seems to pop up again on my list is Nora Roberts. Her trilogies, in particular, tend to be favorites of mine, featuring strong women, great romance elements, and often with a dash (or more) of magic mixed into the story!

One of the first Roberts trilogies I read, and one that is still at the top of my list, is the Three Sisters Island series. It tells the story of three hereditary witches, descendants of three sisters many generations before. They must overcome danger, evil, and a centuries old curse to save their island. I love the characters in these books, and the magical lore woven throughout.

This is a photo of my copies of these books. They look rather well loved, right? The first one was written nearly 20 years ago but the appeal still holds. (There are some pretty newer paperback editions out there… is a second set in my future??)

The titles in this trilogy are Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth, and Face the Fire… if they sound appealing, give them a try!

I guess this is a new twist on my old Friday Favorites posts… perhaps I’ll revive those in coming weeks!

What fun books are you devouring these days? Happy reading, everyone!!

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