As I’ve embarked on my journey as The Biblio Blonde, it’s been sometimes difficult to decide how much to promote myself to real life friends and family, and how to describe what I’m doing.  “Blogger” would seem to be the obvious choice when sharing what I do.  But somehow that doesn’t seem to cover what I’m trying to accomplish. I hope that my website will become a place for people to find great book recommendations, a community where I can network with authors and writers, and a home base from which I can launch a writing career.  That’s a bit more than “I keep an online diary of my thoughts,” which is how the term was sometimes originally used.

Plus, there are still a lot of people who have a negative connotation of blogs and bloggers.  Case in point: a couple of years ago, Glennon Doyle was in the news over a new relationship.  Now, this talented woman has launched a non-profit, created a large online community, and written multiple best selling books.  But what did the media call her?  “Mommy Blogger” Glennon Doyle Melton.  And you can bet they didn’t intend it as a compliment.

Obviously, the best outcome would be for the general public to understand that “blogging” is much more than jotting down a few thoughts on a screen, and that most of us need to be skilled in technology, writing, visual layouts, promotion, and more. But until that day… how do you accurately describe your work?

I’d thought about writing a post about how “blogging” isn’t something I feel like I should brag about as a new career.  But I don’t have to.  Today I stumbled across this post from late last year, and it covers the topic beautifully.  So please take a peek at this post from Elizabeth at Rosalilium, who shares all the different hats bloggers must wear and the skills a person really needs to succeed on this journey. Then let me know in the comments here: How do you clearly communicate what you do?

Happy reading!

Whenever anyone asks me what I do, I always hesitate. Without fail, every time, I hesitate, before I answer “I’m a blogger”. Why the hesitation…

via Not ‘Just A Blogger’ – My Job Description and What Does It Really Mean? — Rosalilium


Not ‘Just A Blogger’ – My Job Description and What Does It Really Mean? — Rosalilium