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Book Notes: Review of “The Perfect Girlfriend” by Karen Hamilton


I just finished a book that gave me equal parts horror and delight. It was entertaining, twisted and more than a little outrageous.

It felt like an absolute train wreck you couldn’t stop, and I savored every bit of it. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person.  While I ponder that… keep reading to hear more about the book!




The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton is a suspense novel centered around Juliette.  At least, that’s her name right now.  She’s changed it, you see, because she has a plan.  A big one, that will make life just perfect again.  Here’s the situation:

Juliette loves Nate.

She will follow him anywhere. She’s even become a flight attendant for his airline, so she can keep a closer eye on him.

They are meant to be.

The fact that Nate broke up with her six months ago means nothing. Because Juliette has a plan to win him back.

She is the perfect girlfriend. And she’ll make sure no one stops her from getting exactly what she wants.

True love hurts, but Juliette knows it’s worth all the pain…


Juliette is totally the focus of this book and narrates the events.  We are inside her head to hear her feelings, justifications, and train of thought for all of her stalking and obsession.  And she’s one amazing character.  I felt like she was really well written.  Nuttier than a fruitcake?  Sure… but also deep and complex.

The reader is taken on a rather wild ride through Juliette’s strategy to win back Nate and finally have the perfect life.  As things are tied together and we see the depths of her planning and scheming, we get glimpses of her past and how it influences her present actions.

I’ve seen a few negative reviews of this one that say the character and her actions are too unbelievable. Well… sure.  Juliette has gone WAAAAY beyond extreme.  That’s kind of the point, though, and that’s what makes it so outrageously delicious!

Honestly?  Although I was horrified at many of the things she did, I felt some admiration for Juliette.  She was DEDICATED, and her level of commitment to her goal was quite impressive.

Really, there were only two things I didn’t just love about the book. First, I lost track of all the flights and trips to various locales. I understand that was part of the story but it seemed like there were so many described that I lost track.  The second was actually the ending. Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that… it seemed a little abrupt and anticlimactic… I felt like it was missing something.  But we can all use our imagination to decide what happens next, and the rest of the story and the incredible main character more than made up for it.


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My friend Rae over at Thrifty Biblio read this at the same time, so we compared notes.  We were of one mind at being strangely in awe of Juliette’s dedication!  Here’s a quote from her review:

“This book was crazy in the very best of ways! The whole book was a trip, and I loved following Juliette’s life as she masterminds her way into Nate’s life. At times Juliette’s actions were cringeworthy, but mostly, I was impressed by her complete and total commitment to her plan.”


This is Karen Hamilton’s first novel and I will definitely pick up her future books.  I found The Perfect Girlfriend to be compelling, entertaining, and just wild!  Four and a half stars to this debut… if you’re looking for a suspense novel with an incredibly twisted love story, give this one a try!  Happy reading!


Find “The Perfect Girlfriend” at:

Barnes & Noble     Amazon


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Book Notes: Review of “Murders and Metaphors” by Amanda Flower (with author interview!)

If you’ve been hanging out here at The Biblio Blonde for a while, you may recall that I’m a big cozy mystery fan.  There’s just something about the way a charming setting, quirky characters, and a puzzle to be solved all come together for a very entertaining story!

I’ve recently read the first several books in a new series, the Magical Bookshop Mysteries by Amanda Flower.  Today I want to share a bit about the series as a whole, but focus on the third and latest installment, Murders and Metaphors!  After the review, keep reading for a special treat to learn more about this great author!

(I’ll have to give a few things away about Violet and the other characters that we learn in the first two books… but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum!)





The Magical Bookshop Mystery series features Violet Waverly, a graduate student who, in the first book, is called back to her hometown of Cascade Springs, New York by her grandmother.  While Violet had been avoiding this quaint little town after a terrible incident in her past, she’s drawn back in by a colorful cast of characters:  Grandma Daisy; members of a writing group (including a handsome police chief!); the mayor of their little town, who also happens to be her high school sweetheart; and a crow, a cat, and a bookstore.

Did I include the crow, cat, and bookstore in a list of characters?  Why yes, I did.  Because they *really* are characters in every sense of the word!  Faulkner the crow showed up at the bookshop one day and never left… which doesn’t seem that unusual, until the bird starts hurling literary quotes.  Emerson, a tuxedo cat, is an escape artist who sometimes seems to know Violet better than she knows herself.

And the bookshop?  Well, it turns out Charming Books, where “the book chooses you” as the slogan goes, has a mind of its own.  Not only does the perfect book often pop out of the shelves and into an unsuspecting customer’s hands, but the shop leaves copies of books around for Violet, and even opens to certain pages she needs to read.  You see, Violet has become the shop’s caretaker, a role passed down over the years through a long line of Waverly women.  But you’ll want to pick up the books (start with Crime and Poetry) to discover how all this came to be!

Now that we’ve established some background, let’s move on to Murders and Metaphors!

In this story, it’s January, and the festivities of ice wine season are in full swing in Cascade Springs.  A big festival is taking place at Morton Vineyards (owned by the family of Nathan Morton, that mayor/ex boyfriend), but based on Violet’s history with the whole Morton clan, she wants nothing to do with it.  Grandma Daisy, of course, has other plans, and lets Violet know that she’s committed BOTH of them to host a book signing at the festival for celebrity wine expert Belinda Perkins.  (Thanks, Grandma!)

Belinda isn’t the most pleasant guest, and it turns out she has some history with Cascade Springs: she grew up there, and Lacey, a friend of Violet’s, is one of her sisters.  After a big falling out many years in the past, Lacey turns up at the festival to try to make amends.  It doesn’t go well, and Belinda storms off… only for Violet to later find her dead among the grape vines on the property.

Because of their very public scene, Lacey becomes a suspect.  To help her friend, Violet is once again on the case, and this time, Charming Books points her to Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, Little Women.  Violet has to figure out who killed Belinda, and how the March sisters can help her find the answers.


This series has quickly become a favorite of mine.  The concept of a book store infused with magic and its own quirky “essence” is just delightful, and I really enjoy the charm and coziness of the town.  Violet is a great character with a well developed backstory… the way her history is woven in with the present day village is really interesting.

And Grandma Daisy?  She’s a hoot.  After reading this series, the Stephanie Plum books, and the Braxton Campus mysteries, I’ve decided that all books are greatly enhanced by a quirky grandmother!

I didn’t see the reveal of the killer coming in this one, though it provided a satisfying conclusion to the mystery.  With each book in this series, I appreciate that the case is wrapped up and there are no huge cliffhangers, but that there also remain unanswered questions about situations in Violet’s life, allowing threads to be carried from book to book.  Some series can easily be read as standalone mysteries… enough plot points are woven through this series that I would recommend starting with the first book and reading in order.  But trust me, you’ll want to do that so you don’t miss anything!

Murders and Metaphors earns five fabulous stars from me… I can’t wait to read more in this series!

Here are all three books in the series so far… add these to your list:


Book 1 – Crime and Poetry:

Barnes & Noble   ~   Amazon

Book 2 – Prose and Cons:

Barnes & Noble   ~   Amazon

Book 3 – Murders and Metaphors:

Barnes & Noble   ~   Amazon



Amanda Flower-50b - Copy
Author Amanda Flower


In addition to posting this review, I reached out to the author of this series, Amanda Flower, to see if she had time to answer a few questions for her readers… fortunately, she did!  Amanda is a USA Today bestselling and Agatha Award-winning mystery author!  Let’s see what she has to say about the Magical Bookshop series and her other writing.


It sounds like you started writing at an early age!  When did you decide to write a novel?

I decided that I wanted to be a writer when I was eleven-years-old and read a story I’d written in my class and they laughed. I knew then I wanted to write stories to make people smile and laugh. From the beginning, I wanted to write mystery novels. They were my favorite works to read from a young age too.


What is something you’d like us to know about Violet, the main character in this series?

Violet is complicated. She actually had a very sad past. She lost two people that she loved when she was a teenager, but despite tragedy in her own life, she hasn’t lost her sense of humor or her drive to make something of herself. I think it’s easier for her to step into the role of sleuth because she know what it’s like to lose someone and she wants to help others because of that.


Each of your Magical Bookshop mysteries has a well-known published work the bookstore uses to give Violet clues. How did you choose these for each story, and what are some other titles that you think would be fun to use in a future installment?

The first writer I chose for the clues in CRIME AND POETRY was Emily Dickinson because I love her work, and after that it made sense to choose contemporaries to Dickinson, so I ended up doing 19th century American authors. So far I have used the work of Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Louisa May Alcott, and Walt Whitman.


In the first Magical Bookshop mystery, Violet inherits a small tuxedo cat named Emerson.  I’ve seen pictures of your kitties on social media… tell us about your babies!

Aww! Thank you! I am definitely a cat lover. I have two tuxedos myself, so it was a natural fit to make Emerson one too. Emerson is based on my traditional black and white tuxie, Mr. Tumnus, AKA Tummy.  My second tuxie is a gray and white and his name is Reepicheep, AKA Cheeps. They are my feline editors. You can follow them on Instagram.


Several of your other series are set in or around Amish communities.  How did you become interested in Amish culture and how did you learn about it?

Now, I write fulltime, but I worked for as a librarian for fifteen years. My first librarian job was in Ohio’s Amish country, so I was around and interacted with the Amish every day. It gave me a unique experience that is perfect for writing.


Can you give us any hints about what’s next for Violet, Grandma Daisy, and Charming Books?  Or tell us about any other series you’re currently writing?

The next book featuring these characters is called SPOKE AND WORD. Grandma Daisy plans a bike race in the village of Cascade Springs, but one of the riders dies during the race! Violet is on the case again to help her grandmother, and the shop uses the poetry of Walt Whitman to solve the crime. The book will release late 2019.

In additional to this series, I’m writing many more in the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries. They next book in that series is CRIMINALLY COCOA, a novella, and TOXIC TOFFEE will be the next novel released in July.



Many thanks to Amanda for sharing more insight into her books… I’ve read at least three of her series, and have really enjoyed each one.  If you’re a cozy mystery fan, you need to put some (or all!) of them on your list!

For more about Amanda, visit her online:     Facebook  | Instagram | Website

Murders and Metaphors is out now, and Criminally Cocoa will be releasing soon, followed by Toxic Toffee in July… with more great books to come!


So, what do you think?  Have you added this series to your list?  Whatever book you’re cozied up with right now… happy reading!


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Cover Reveal: Book Three of the Braxton Campus Mysteries by James J. Cudney

Cozy mystery lovers, this one’s for you!  Are you ready for a peek at a great new cozy set to release soon… and, I dare say, a hint of spring?!?  (I’m more than ready for both!)


DRBT jpg

Today I’m participating in a blog tour through Shalini at Digital Reads Blog Tours!


Author James J. Cudney (Jay, as his friends know him) is a well traveled, well read guy from New York City.  In addition to being a genealogist and an avid reader and book reviewer, he has been writing a series called the Braxton Campus Mysteries.

In this series, we meet Kellan, a single dad who comes home for his father’s retirement party as he prepares to leave a long career at Braxton College.  But, as usually happens in a cozy series, things don’t go according to plan, and Kellan gets swept into a precarious situation!

This cover reveal was actually fun timing for me, as I’m just starting to read book one of this series!  I always recommend starting at the beginning, so first pick up Academic Curveball, then move on to Broken Heart Attack.  (Both are available in either Kindle e-book or paperback.)

And finally… we come to the latest installment, set to be released in late March.  May I present:  Flower Power Trip!




See, I told you… a hint of spring along with a fabulous new title!! Here’s a little more info about the new book:

At a masquerade ball to raise money for renovations to Memorial Library, Kellan finds a dead body dressed in a Dr. Evil costume.

Did one of Maggie’s sisters kill the annoying guest who’d been staying at the Roarke and Daughters Inn, or does the victim have a closer connection to someone else at Braxton College?

As Kellan helps school president Ursula bury a secret from her past and discover the identity of her stalker, he unexpectedly encounters a missing member of his family. Everything seems to trace back to the Stoddards: a new family who recently moved in.

Between the murder, a special flower exhibit and strange postcards arriving each week, Kellan can’t decide which mystery in his life should take priority.  But unfortunately, the biggest one of all has yet to be exposed – and when it is, Kellan won’t know what hit him.


You can pre-order this title today… grab the first two while you’re at it, and you’ll be all set when Flower Power Trip releases on March 30th! (That’s the e-book version… a paperback of the title will be available at a later date!)

Thanks for stopping by to check out the cover reveal.  I hope you have some great books picked out and you’re ready to relax this weekend!  Happy Friday… and happy reading!


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Book Notes: Review of “The Night Olivia Fell” by Christina McDonald

Book lovers, it’s been a wild few weeks.  Crazy weather, lots of activities… and thankfully, a lot of reading!  I’ve read a few books for which I didn’t do blog posts… if you want to catch up on what I’ve read, you can visit my Goodreads profile!  (Are we connected on Goodreads?  If not, follow my reviews or send me a request!)

So, I read another book today (yes, all of it today) and I just had to post about this one.  Whenever a book gets a TON of buzz, I’m curious about it but sometimes hesitant to read it.  Because, what if I’m the only one on earth who didn’t love it?!?  (It happens occasionally.)

But when I read about this book, it sounded so fantastic that I knew it had to go on my list…. and readers, I was NOT disappointed!!




The Night Olivia Fell is the debut novel from Christina McDonald.  This multi-layered story has it all:  intrigue, a strong but complex mother-daughter relationship, teenage romance (and friendship drama), and a roller coaster of emotion that as a parent, left me sort of dazed.


Here’s the description:

In the small hours of the morning, Abi Knight is startled awake by the phone call no mother ever wants to get: her teenage daughter Olivia has fallen off a bridge. Not only is Olivia brain dead, she’s pregnant and must remain on life support to keep her baby alive. And then Abi sees the angry bruises circling Olivia’s wrists.

When the police unexpectedly rule Olivia’s fall an accident, Abi decides to find out what really happened that night. Heartbroken and grieving, she unravels the threads of her daughter’s life. Was Olivia’s fall an accident? Or something far more sinister?

Christina McDonald weaves a suspenseful and heart-wrenching tale of hidden relationships, devastating lies, and the power of a mother’s love. With flashbacks of Olivia’s own resolve to uncover family secrets, this taut and emotional novel asks: how well do you know your children? And how well do they know you?


Wow, right?  But wait, there’s more!!

(Fair warning:  there may be a few minor spoilers past this point… my lips are sealed on what happened to Olivia and how things end, but if you don’t want to know ANYTHING else about the story, you may want to stop here for now and go pick up the book!)


Here are some other things going on in this novel:

  • Olivia has never known her father; Abi told her that he died before she was even born.  So why is Abi so close-lipped about him, and why does Olivia think there’s more to the story?
  • Abi has trust issues, and her whole world revolved around her daughter.  Who does she turn to, and who can she have faith in when that world crumbles?
  • Abi’s own mother had mental health issues, and Abi herself has dealt with anxiety.
  • Olivia has a boyfriend who’s going through troubles of his own, a hot and cold best friend, and a new friend who turns Olivia’s world upside down.


There’s a LOT to unpack in this book.  And as we go through the story, there is suspicion everywhere… it turns out Olivia’s life was not all as it seemed on the surface, and several things were going on that may have given people a reason to be angry with her… and therefore, maybe a motive to harm her.

As we meet the characters and learn more about the relationships each of them had with Olivia, I found myself considering the motives of each.  I had strong hunches at several different points throughout the book… almost all of which turned out wrong! (Oops.)

One of the things that I think added to this novel was the dual point-of view, alternating between Olivia (starting about six months before her death and bringing us up to that fateful night) and Abi (both in the present and the past).  I don’t always love multiple POV in books; sometimes it just adds unnecessary confusion.  But here it really works, because it reveals additional layers of the story and lets events unfold at a good pace.

At the close of the book, as all is revealed, it was heartbreaking to learn what transpired on the night that Olivia fell.  There was no shocking plot twist (as in, say, Gone Girl), but enough pieces kept being added that I was still guessing until shortly before the end.  And the scene in which Abi finally says goodbye to her daughter is so emotional and heartfelt.

This was a well written book and I look forward to reading more from this author.  I give The Night Olivia Fell four solid stars… it is out now and highly recommended!




Purchase The Night Olivia Fell:      Amazon      Barnes & Noble


If you’ve read this one, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Next up, I’m diving back into cozy mysteries!  I’m starting a series by a new-to-me author, James Cudney.  I’ve interacted with him online (he’s also a prolific book reviewer) and can’t wait to dive into his new series, the Braxton Campus Mysteries.

I have the first two ready to read, and the third installment is coming this spring… and, I’m excited to announce that I get to participate in the cover reveal for the upcoming title!  Check back on the blog this Friday!  And in the meantime, of course… happy reading!


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Book Notes: Review of “Chocolate Cream Pie Murder” by Joanne Fluke

Hello friends!  I’m on a roll with my reading this week.  For my fifth book of the year, I dove back into cozy mystery mode!

I’m a longtime reader of the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke.  Have you checked this one out?  Set in small-town Minnesota, this series centers around bakery owner Hannah, her assorted friends and family, and, as in any good cozy series, her tendency to discover murder victims.

A few months ago, I read and reviewed Christmas Cake Murder.  This holiday novella was set mostly as a flashback to Hannah’s earlier years, when she was just opening her bakery, The Cookie Jar.  It was so much fun to see a younger Hannah in this story, along with her mother and sisters.  Fans of this series, however, were all atwitter over the last couple of books prior to that.  (The rest of this review will contain some spoilers if you’re not caught up in the series.)

You see, a longtime love triangle between Hannah and her two would-be suitors (handsome sheriff Mike and fun-loving, attentive Norman) was suddenly swept aside when she married Ross, someone she’d known in college!

It was scandalous… not only was all of Lake Eden, Minnesota dumbfounded to discover that Hannah wasn’t choosing either of their favorite sons, but it was astounding to see readers who were firmly Team Mike or Team Norman enthusiastically band together… in hating Ross!  Fans thought that not only was Hannah with the wrong man, but that Hannah had become a shadow of her former self.

But then, with the last “in-sequence” book, Raspberry Danish Murder, we find out that Ross has disappeared!  At the end, we discover that Ross is not at all the man Hannah thought he was… and that he has gone back to his WIFE! (A different wife. That he’s still actually married to. Not Hannah. Wow.)

Which, with a mix of sympathy for Hannah and glee that Ross is gone, brings us to the present, and to the next book in this series, Chocolate Cream Pie Murder!




Some minor spoilers may lie ahead, but I’ll try not to reveal too much!

As the book opens, we find Hannah faced with the difficult task of telling her fellow Lake Edenites that not only is Ross gone, but that it appears she was never legally married to him at all.  Mike and the sheriff’s department (with assistance from Norman and others) have been looking for Ross, and everyone wants to see some kind of justice for the man who not only hurt Hannah, but outright betrayed and deceived her.

Eventually Ross turns up, nastier than ever, wanting money that he’d set aside.  After Ross threatens Hannah, she ends up under constant watch by Norman, Mike, and others.  To top it all off, the town is trying to plan a TV special about movies filmed in the area (bringing some other old friends to town), one of Hannah’s neighbors is attacked, and finally, a murder victim is found *in* Hannah’s condo!

As the saying goes, it takes a village, and in this case, it takes Hannah and many of her loved ones to set this mess to rights!


I’m delighted to say that I really liked this book.  Above, I mentioned some less-than-stellar reactions to recent installments of the series.  In addition to fans hating Ross, many readers felt that the writing and dialogue in the past few books hadn’t been up to the standard of earlier titles.  Plus, most of us longed for the spunky, independent Hannah of old.

And readers, we got her!

This book was a definite step back toward the series we all know and love.  Not only did Hannah seem to be herself again, the book was also a much smoother read than the last few.  Sure, there were still a couple of over-explained conversations (and I personally found there to be one too many episodes of the cat racing game), but overall… I was *invested* in the writing and the results!

It was refreshing that after years of the love triangle, and the ill-fated relationship with Ross, romance didn’t play a big role in this book.  I feel confident it will return, but while you could see that both Mike and Norman still care very much for Hannah (and she for them), it was nice to see Hannah come back to herself.

In the end, Hannah finds some closure on her doomed marriage and the whole mess with Ross, solves the murder case, and still manages to come up with some new cookie and candy recipes for Valentine’s Day!

Speaking of the recipes, I usually just skim over them… but some of them really caught my attention this time.  If you read cozies partly for the food ideas and discussion, I think you’ll really want to check out some of the offerings in this book!

All in all, this is a welcome addition to the series, and I’m giving it a solid four stars.  And… based on Hannah’s last words in this book (I did suspect that might be coming, based on a few hints sprinkled throughout), I will be anxiously looking forward to the next installment.  Now I only have to wait a year for it.  Sigh.


Find Chocolate Cream Pie Murder at:

Amazon      Barnes & Noble


Well, while I certainly plan to keep mixing it up with my reading choices, I’ve enjoyed my detour back into Cozy-ville… and I think I just might stay here for a bit!  Let me know what great books are on your list lately, and especially if you’ve read any great new cozy mysteries.  They are indeed perfect for a winter curled up with a cup of hot tea or coffee!  Happy reading!


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