Well, friends… here we are. The most wonderful time of the year. It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Okay, I know… I know. It’s early November. We’re not trimming the tree or decking the halls just yet. Mostly. Although I did already snag a few new pieces of cute holiday decor!

And yet… once that calendar flips to November, it’s hard not to think about the Christmas season. There’s movies on TV, music in the mall, and gift ideas in EVERY store! And if you’re like me, you tend to start shopping a little earlier to be prepared.

But even if you’re a typical week-of-Christmas shopper, you may want to move up those plans a bit, as it sounds like things may take longer to arrive or be hard to find on store shelves later in the season. So, there’s no time like the present… to, you know, buy presents.

As in past years, I’ve put together a gift guide to help spark some ideas. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to kick off (or finish) your shopping! So, without further ado, may I present (there’s that word again)…

Non-Book Gifts for Bookish People

Most of us have reader friends, right? But maybe their unread book pile is already threatening to cause an avalanche in their home. Or maybe you just want to pick up something aside from the newest bestseller for them. This post will give you great ideas for gifts that aren’t actually books, that will support the reading habits of loved ones near and far!



My Reading Life: A Book Journal

So, this is a little murky because it’s *technically* a book. But not just any book. I’ve mentioned Modern Mrs. Darcy a time or two (or forty-seven) around here. Anne Bogel is an author, podcast host, book club creator, and more… but most of all, she’s a prolific reader. Her newest release is a darling book journal that includes literary quotes, reading lists, and plenty of room to record thoughts on books. This supports that bookish friend’s habit in the very best way!

Buy My Reading Life – Amazon



Remarks Book Cover Puzzles

I’d never been big on jigsaw puzzles… until I found these. Remarks makes several book-themed puzzles with covers. This one features a selection of Great American Novels, but I have several others with British novels, Jane Austen novels, children’s Christmas books, and other great themes. Amazon carries an ever-changing variety, so if you don’t see the perfect one, check back! (I’ve also seen them at Barnes & Noble.)

Honestly, this one’s a little dangerous. As I put a puzzle together, there’s often a book cover I look at and think, “Why haven’t I read this one?” And then the TBR grows. (But when doesn’t it?)

Buy Great American Novels puzzle from Remarks – Amazon



Bookish Candles

This has become an entire cottage industry! Have you been on Etsy lately? You can find so many variations on these from dozens, if not hundreds, of shops.

There were so many out there to feature, but I picked just a couple. I love “Reading at the Cafe” from Frostbeard, because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re sitting with their book in a cozy cafe? And I couldn’t resist “Afternoon Tea with Mr, Darcy”  from ScentlyDelightful, because… well, come on. Mr. Darcy, y’all.

Here are the listings for the two that I mentioned, but if you browse around Etsy for a bit, you can probably fill up your cart pretty quickly!

Etsy: Reading at the Cafe          Etsy: Afternoon Tea with Mr. Darcy



Bookish T-shirts

Of course, your bookish friends need something comfortable to wear while reading. Or, like anyone passionate about an activity, perhaps a way to promote their favorite hobby during those times they actually get dragged from the house to participate in society. Amazon has a lot of fun, quirky, book-themed t-shirts… here’s just one of my favorites!

Buy “good day to read a book” t-shirt – Amazon


So… are the ideas flowing yet? Any of these pop out at you as the perfect gift for a book lover in your life? Hopefully this points you in the right direction! Happy reading!


This post contains affiliate links, which allow me the opportunity to earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.  Please see my policies for further information.



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