Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites – 03/22/19


It’s been a good Friday!  I’ve spent the afternoon finishing a good book (more on that in a minute), watching a little basketball, and flinging open some windows to the beautiful day outside.

Then I decided to spend some time looking through my blog, considering some changes and contemplating my posts for the coming weeks.  And I realized:  it’s been *three months* since I did a Friday Favorites post!

I think the winter got to me… to be honest, I hibernate a lot during the colder months, and this was a long, cold, snowy season.  But now it’s time to emerge and pull out some fun things.  So… for the first time in forever (some of you sang that line, didn’t you?), let’s do Friday Favorites!!




This one HAS to be first!  While there’s a lot to love about winter, it always lasts longer than I’d like.  We’re midwesterners, so we’re used to it, and we embrace the changing of each season… but there’s just something that happens to my mood when the first signs of spring appear!

Daylight Saving Time usually kicks off the change.  While this move-the-clock-twice-a-year thing is annoying, it is so nice when the spring adjustment means your evening is suddenly much brighter.  Literally.

Add in the shoots of green breaking through the ground, the budding trees, the sound of birds in the trees, and the warmer temps… well, what’s not to love?

I’m delighted it’s spring.  And to celebrate, we’re breaking out the grill tonight for the first time this season.  Steak sandwiches, here we come!!



I’ve mentioned #Bookstagram before (the hashtag is important here!)… it’s that corner of Instagram where the book addicts hang out. We post pictures of bookstacks, talk about our current reads, and just generally drool over books.  There are bookmail openings, giveaways, and fun tags.  (Because we’re human, pets, booze, and food make occasional appearances.  But mostly books.)


A few of my recent #Bookstagram posts… come check out my feed!


It’s a great community and I’ve been spending a lot of time there.  Not only have I made great new friends to chat with, but I’m realizing that about 80% of my TBR now consists of titles my book friends have shared there.  Reader see, reader want.

Are you on #Bookstagram?  Come see my account and follow along!  New to this idea but intrigued?  Come read a post sharing what I’ve learned about it!


Mysteries, Thrillers, & Suspense

One thing I’ve been seeing from all these bookish friends is a whole lotta love for a good mystery!

I’ve always been a mystery girl.  From devouring the Nancy Drew series as a girl, to my love of great cozy mystery series now, the thrill of the unanswered question has always drawn me in!  And I’ve been reminded lately that mysteries come in all different shapes and sizes:  cozies, heart-stopping psychological thrillers, classic suspense… there’s really something for everyone!

So I’ve been picking up more of them lately! I just finished The Winter Sister, a great debut novel by Megan Collins, and I’ll be reviewing it in a few days.  I have quite a few more on my list to read this spring, too, and I’m planning a post that will share some great recent titles.  If you’re looking for a good “who-dun-it” read, check out a few of my latest reviews:

Book Notes: Review of “The Perfect Girlfriend” by Karen Hamilton

Book Notes: Review of “Murders and Metaphors” by Amanda Flower (with author interview!)

Book Notes: Review of “The Night Olivia Fell” by Christina McDonald



Happy Friday to all of you!  I hope you have a lovely weekend.  As always, thanks for stopping by… and happy reading!


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