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WWW Wednesday (11/28/2018)

Hello, bookish ones!  It’s time for another installment of WWW Wednesday!

To refresh your memory, WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words!  (You can see my last WWW Wednesday post here.)

It’s a fun way to keep up with what everyone is reading.  To join me, read my answers, then answer the same questions about your reading in the comments below, as well as in the comments on Sam’s WWW Wednesday post!  Simply use these three questions:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you plan to read next?


Presenting… WWW Wednesday!


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What are you currently reading?




Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson:      Amazon      Barnes & Noble

If you’re a girl who loves to read, you might find this book simply delightful.  It extols the virtues of a life spent reading.  There are introductory chapters followed by quite a few themed lists of books you may want to read depending on your mood, your goals, or your stage of life.  Note that this is written from a distinctly Christian perspective.  It’s also not something you read once and forget… I’m reading through it all, but also reserving it to pull back out when I’m seeking just the right book.  Here’s a bit more:

Books were always Sarah Clarkson’s delight. Raised in the company of the lively Anne of Green Gables, the brave Pevensie children of Narnia, and the wise Austen heroines, she discovered reading early on as a daily gift, a way of encountering the world in all its wonder. But what she came to realize as an adult was just how powerfully books had shaped her as a woman to live a story within that world, to be a lifelong learner, to grasp hope in struggle, and to create and act with courage.

She’s convinced that books can do the same for you.

Join Sarah in exploring the reading life as a gift and an adventure, one meant to enrich, broaden, and delight you in each season of your life as a woman. Whether you’ve long considered yourself a reader or have dreams of becoming one, Book Girl will draw you into the life-giving journey of becoming a woman who reads and lives well.



What did you recently finish reading?




In Peppermint Peril by Joy Avon:      Amazon      Barnes & Noble

I just finished this lovely book today!  It’s the first in a new series, and the author was new to me as well.  I’ll be writing a review to talk more about this one, so I’ll just leave you with the description for now:

In the run-up to Christmas Eve, organizer of book-themed tea parties Callie Aspen and her lovable Boston terrier will have to conquer threefold trouble—a mysterious will, a missing heirloom and a dead body—to restore the festive spirit to their small town.

This Christmas, Callie Aspen returns to her childhood hideout Heart’s Harbor, Maine where her great aunt runs Book Tea, a vintage tearoom where every sweet treat contains a bookish clue. Upon arrival in the fairy-tale snowy town, Callie is drawn into the preparations for a special tea party at Haywood Hall, the rambling house of Heart’s Harbor’s oldest resident, rich but lonely widow Dorothea Finster, who invited her estranged relatives, old friends and the elite of the town to make a mysterious announcement about her will.

Believing they can touch a part of her fortune, everybody is determined to come, despite not liking each other or even their hostess. And Callie’s old friend Sheila complicates things by using the tea party to announce her daughter’s engagement, even though her daughter isn’t sure she’s in love with the young lawyer her mother thinks so perfect for her.

Catering to people who each have their own agenda isn’t easy for the Book Tea crew, especially once the valuable engagement ring goes missing and a dead body turns up in the conservatory. Can Callie and her great aunt use their love of clues to dig into the crimes and show their unhappy hostess and squabbling guests the true Christmas spirit?



What do you plan to read next?




The Christmas Company by Alys Murray:      Amazon      Barnes & Noble

I’m finally getting to start one of the Hallmark Christmas titles that I told you about recently!  This is Murray’s debut novel… I’ve interacted with her on social media and am quite thrilled to get to read this!  Here’s a peek:

The small town of Miller’s Point is known across the country for their annual Dickensian Christmas festival. When the celebration is threatened by Clark Woodward, a miserly, big-city businessman, Kate Buckner steps up to save her hometown, their traditions, and her favorite holiday. But, along the way, she realizes that the man she’s trying to protect her town from might need some rescuing of his own.

With a lot of heart and a little Christmas magic, Kate is convinced she can teach Clark to love her favorite holiday. But can such different people learn to open up and love each other?


There we have it… another WWW Wednesday in the books!  (No pun intended… oh, who am I kidding, of course it was!)  Look for reviews on these titles in the coming weeks… and as always, happy reading!



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