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Author Interview & Cover Reveal: Savannah Hendricks

Friends, today I get to do something a little bit different! I’ve talked about the writing and blogging community on Twitter and how easy it is to get to know people and find support. Well, a lovely lady I’ve gotten to know there is getting ready to publish her first adult novel, and she’s given me the honor of revealing the cover for this book! She’s also been gracious enough to answer a few questions for us!


Savannah Hendricks:  Author & Dog Mom


Savannah Hendricks published her first book, a children’s picture book called Nonnie and I, in 2014.  She has contributed stories to anthologies and magazines, and now, she’s set to release her first novel, a sweet romance, in January! 

Before we show you the cover for this new release, Grounded in January, let’s hear a bit from the author herself!  I posed a few questions to her to gain some insight into her background, writing process, and more… so read on!


When did you start writing, and what brought you to it?

I started writing in 2004 when I worked as a nanny. After cleaning up the house and folding laundry, I would sit down and work on a story. I wrote my first picture book, Nonnie and I, in a spiral notebook. Being a writer was the last career I ever thought I would have because not only was reading a struggle, I also hated to read. Yet, I found out how much I loved to write and how great I felt sharing my stories.

You’ve published books for children. How is it different writing and publishing for adults in the romance genre?

Writing for adults is a million times easier!! From story to edits to publishing. It’s a challenge to have a well developed story in four hundred words or less. For example, Nonnie and I took a total of seven years from draft to publication. Grounded in January, from completed first draft to publication date, will only be a year and a half. Of course, it takes weeks to a month for one round of edits on an adult romance novel, while I can run through three rounds of edits in a day for a picture book. Time frame from submissions to acceptance also plays a large role. When I started submitting Nonnie and I, everything was done by snail mail, and it took years to finally be picked up by a publisher.

Savannah, you have a different full time career in addition to your writing.  How do you balance it all?

Carefully, and with a lot of singing in my car. It’s hard; to be honest, it’s overwhelming at times. I tend to spend about ten hours on Saturday writing or editing, and about six to seven hours on Sunday doing the same thing. My time management is excellent and that is key. If I’m not too tired I will try and get an hour or so of edits in at night, but between being a dog mom, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes (I don’t own a dishwasher) and trying to get exercise and adventure in, it’s hard.

As we look forward to your book, what do you want us to know about your characters?

Great question! I want my readers to know that even though it’s a sweet romance and my characters are fun, they have problems just like everyone else (big problems too). Kate, my female main character is loveable and determined. Ox, my male main character, is stubborn and talented. I hope that my readers see something of themselves in Ox or Kate.

And because I’m a fellow dog lover… tell us about Ransom! 

Oh, Ransom, handsome Ransom. Well, he is a handful. I had two super low-key dogs prior to him (one, Bayou, is pictured on the left above).  Ransom (above right, and below) has taught me a lot. He is super sweet and always wants to please others, but he also has zero awareness of others’ personal space. He has so much energy; I’ve never seen anything like it. Ransom is a good boy and doesn’t chew up anything in the house, but he is very strict on being with me 24/7, and he keeps at whatever it is until he gets his way.


Handsome Ransom!  (Good boy!)



That was fun!  But I know what you’re all waiting for now: the big reveal!  So let’s get to it!

Presenting… the beautiful cover for Grounded in January!




Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love the lighting, the falling snow, and the feeling of joy!  (And yes, the dog… who is not Savannah’s Bayou, but bears both his name and a striking resemblance!)

Here’s a little more info about the new book:

Phoenix resident Kate (who is rather clumsy) does not want to admit it, but she is unhappy. She doesn’t know if it’s her job, living in a city with two seasons (hot or extra hot), or her desire for love. In an attempt to review her life she gets on a plane (she has a horrible fear of flying) and heads home to Washington.

Washington resident Ox owns Inn of the Woods and enjoys flying his Cessna, but with his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, he believes his life is not worthy of love. Bouncing between good and bad days means family is not in the cards. But that’s alright, because his English lab Bayou keeps him company.

Will Ox realize love has no boundaries? Will Kate find her happiness? Can love prove strong enough to create a life of both their dreams?


Grounded in January releases in January 2019.  In the meantime, you can visit Savannah’s author page on Goodreads or Savannah’s page on Amazon to learn more about her published work and upcoming projects. 

Thanks to Savannah for the sneak peek at her new release!  Plan to keep an eye out for this one.  As always, friends, happy reading!





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8 thoughts on “Author Interview & Cover Reveal: Savannah Hendricks

  1. I have known Savannah for a number of years, meeting at a SCBWI Conference. Her children’s books are lovely, therefore I can’t wait to read her sweet romance! Congrats to you, Savannah! It’s so cool seeing your name in such bold print on the awesome cover of your new book!

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  2. This cover is absolutely beautiful and gives me all the joyful goosebumps! I’ve had the honor of reading some of Savannah’s work and she moves her readers with her words, characters and settings. I can’t wait to get my hands on this story!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This cover is absolutely beautiful and gives me all the joyful goosebumps! I have had the honor of reading some of Savannah’s work and she had the ability to move her readers with her words, characters and settings. I can’t wait to get my hands on this story!

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