Last week I posted about things that bring me joy.  One of those things was time with girlfriends.  I mentioned I was making a note to set up another outing… I’m so happy to report that we got together this week and had a *fabulous* time!

I just discovered the blog Pearls and Pantsuits, and ran across this post… it goes even deeper into why it’s so important to develop and maintain these friendships in this stage of life!  Take a peek!


Have you ever had such a good time with friends that you laughed so hard it hurt? You know that kind of laughter that’s almost cathartic? That almost makes you cry? Heck, you might even snort. Not me of course, I never snort. Much. Well, I just experienced that at a girls’ night out with […]

via Girlfriends and Grace…The Importance of Friendship in Midlife — Pearls and Pantsuits


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