Spring Renewal

I don’t know about you, but I was starting to think that winter would never let go and make room for spring.  It was a long winter here.  Not that much snow, but it was cold, gloomy, and dark for months.

Just when it seemed winter might go on forever, one day the sun came out.  The light warmed my skin, and the breeze gently blew.  Trees started to bud, and everything felt different to me.  After a few days like this, it seemed like spring was finally here, and it was beautiful.

Now, I don’t mind winter.  Some winter, anyway.  I live in a climate that has four seasons, and I enjoy the changes.  I’m ready for each season as it arrives, and (mostly) ready to say goodbye to the previous one.  But boy, I am always ready for spring when it arrives.  There’s something about the longer days, the warm light, the absolute renewal that takes place around us.

Life is a lot like this.  We have so many seasons over a lifetime.  But unlike the seasons of our earth, I’m not always ready to say goodbye to one season of life, or to welcome the next.

As a parent of a teenager, I find I’m in a season of life that is about ready to change.  Big time.  Parenting is always intensive, and you’re always needed.  But that looks very different when you have a toddler versus a teenager.  I no longer have to drive someone to school every morning.  More of my teen’s time is spent with friends and doing activities, and I’m staring down an hourglass that represents my hands-on, at home parenting years… and it has fewer grains of sand left at the top every day.  It’s the natural order of things, but it will be a season I hate to leave.

So while I savor the rest of this season, I’m looking ahead to a new season.  I’m preparing.  Just as in the transition between winter and spring, we prepare the soil, we clean, we plan… well, I’m doing the same in this season of life.  I’m preparing my goals and planning how to spend my time.  I’m learning new things.  I’m imagining how I want my life to look in a few years once that transition has been made…. once I know that new season has finally arrived.

Just as our earth renews itself over and over as it transitions between seasons, I’m going through a spring renewal of myself, and of my dreams.  And the future looks bright… just like the warm springtime sun.



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